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Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting means transforming and shaping different body parts in a certain way. With this game-changer treatment, now people can lose fat and build muscles together. It is based on the science of laser technology.

Body fat and muscles most times are distributed unequally in our bodies. Some people have stronger lower half while some upper half. To have an opportunity to create a better body posture, Delhi Laser Clinic provides exclusive body sculpting treatment in Dwarka. Get to know about it all:

How does It work?

Body Sculpting is also called laser lipolysis. The process begins with a low level of laser energy emitting into the subcutaneous fat tissue which stimulates the fat cells eventually leading to their breakdown into free fatty acids, glycerol and water. These content of fat cells gradually get drained out through the body’s lymphatic system.

At Delhi Laser Clinic, one session of the treatment gives the effect of 30,000 crunches, which is medically safe for the body and necessary to bring out desired results. The process is an essential and same function that makes the body burn calories during exercise. The only difference is that body sculpting targets exactly where we want to lose fats while with diet and workout, we can’t.

Benefits of Body Sculpting:

  • Tones the muscles
  • Focused fat reduction
  • Firms abdomen
  • Helps in forming visible 6 pack
  • Provides non-surgical butt lift
  • Reverses the postpartum figure
  • Non-invasive and safe process
  • Involves no downtime

Target Areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Glutes
  • Thighs
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Love handles
  • Vaginal tissue
  • Cellulite reduction

Treatment Duration and Results:

The procedure is performed by our expert technicians under the supervision of an adept doctor. Laser body sculpting treatment is time-efficient, each session takes just 25 minutes. The total number of sessions are based on the aim of the patient and the results of body composition analysis.

Candidates looking only for reducing a few kilos and toning the body will require a different number of sessions. While those looking for significant weight loss, their treatments will be integrated with other non-surgical methods for faster and better results. The results are permanent as long as no significant weight is put on.

Safety and Side-Effects:

As told above, body sculpting is a safe and non-invasive technique for people looking for weight loss. The right candidate for the treatment is decided by the doctors at Tvak Laser Clinic. Although it can be used on most people some exceptions to the treatment are:

  • People who have a cardiac pacemaker installed.
  • Patient suffering from hypertension, heart disorders, liver and kidney diseases.
  • A person with a metallic body part.
  • Pregnant and breast feeding women.
  • Person with auto-immune diseases

This treatment causes no permanent side effects. In some people, body aches and redness could be observed due to the inherent nature of the procedure. These symptoms go away by resting for a few hours. People who don’t feel any such issue can keep on with their work.

Treatment Cost:

The complete treatment cost depends on various factors from the total number of sessions to the results wanted by the patient. An important factor in deciding the cost is whether the body sculpting is being performed for body shaping or weight loss. Visit us for a free consultation to get all your queries answered.

Body composition analyzer machine involves a technology that tells various components of the body along with body fat, bone weight, muscle mass and body water. It is a more reliable method for correctly describing weight than BMI alone.

Ultrasonic Cavitation combined with Radiofrequency massage is a popular non-invasive and safer alternative to liposuction surgery.

Cryolipolysis is popularly known as the cool sculpting method. It is a phenomenal procedure for people looking for shaping their body as they desire without liposuction surgery

Red light (635 nm)-Deep penetration:635 nanometer red light can penetrate deeper into skin tissue,affect deep tissue,promote the metabolism of fat cells, and help the body eliminate waste and excess fat.

It effectively transmits radiofrequency (RF) energy to the fat tissue, causing the dissolution and metabolism of fat cells.

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